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Smart OnBoarding is a mature, robust, and highly configurable OnBoarding solution, built off Industry requirements and most importantly, customer engagement.

This customer feedback has helped to build templates which can be used to create an OnBoarding process out of the box, while those with more distinct OnBoarding processes benefit from a highly configurable solution. No matter what your OnBoarding process looks like – Smart OnBoarding has the configuration for you.

Industry Researchers and Analysts have also helped to determine what makes a ‘Best in Class’ OnBoarding process. Smart OnBoarding takes into account these factors, this has helped many Customers make the decision to place their trust in Smart OnBoarding.

A summary of these requirements help demonstrate where Smart OnBoarding provides great value to Organizations such as yours:


Smart OnBoarding provides state of the art Security, be it on premise or in the Cloud. Using the latest in encryption, two factor authentication, data masking and so much more. Within the Application, Roles and Responsibilities can be established to make sure that each person is doing the job that they need to do and nothing more or less. This helps to define clear lines of duty and ensures that only those authorized have access to sensitive data for example. This approach to Security further helps streamline the OnBoarding process by guiding the User through the process and not leaving them to navigate and work in areas of the Application they are not authorized to.

How can we reduce the burden, time and cost of a paper based OnBoarding process?

Smart OnBoarding is a Solution that takes all of your paper based documents and replaces them with Web Browser based Forms. These forms guide the Employee through the process and check for data issues to reduce administrative effort

  • Reduce the time to OnBoard new hires.
  • Increase accuracy of Forms
  • Greener approach to OnBoarding with electronic form filling.
  • Saves on time spent with Documentation in the Mail
  • Save administration time on wrong information being filled out.
  • Increase New Hire satisfaction whilst reducing frustration with paper based documentation
How can I ensure that new hires are adequately prepared for their first day and beyond?

Smart OnBoarding embeds media, video and importantly the desired User Interface you require.
Provide all the necessary information that a New Hire will need, including key Contacts, Handbooks and Policies.

  • Build trust and credibility with your New Hires
  • A New Hire that has access to the information they need will be better prepared for their first day and feel more confident in starting with you
  • Maintain a consistent identity as a New Hire experiences your Brand embedded into Smart OnBoarding
  • New Hires will experience your OnBoarding solution
What can I do to ensure new hires are eligible to work here?

Smart OnBoarding provides out of the box integration with the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system that checks eligibility for work in the USA.In addition the solution can be integrated with your pre-check Software for issues such as Criminal Background checks and more.

  • Automates compliance with Verification processes, and removing data errors
  • No more paper based forms
  • Increase accuracy, whilst decreasing the time to Verify New Hire eligibility
I have many systems for HR, where does OnBoarding fit in?

Smart OnBoarding takes care of all of the provisioning of the New Hire process, including integration with your existing HR Systems.

  • Easy to Invite, OnBoard and Provision new Hires through integration with your existing HR Systems, reducing administrative burden
How can I rest assured that the data I have is safe and build Job responsibilities to handle the OnBoarding process?

Smart OnBoarding uses a comprehensive Role based approach to securing data and allowing only those authorized to work with the OnBoarding steps.With industry standard; Enterprise class architecture and security your Data is safe.

  • You decide who should have access to what in the Application, meaning the job of OnBoarding can be diversified to as many as required.
  • Shape access around your Business requirements, Smart OnBoarding is highly configurable.
  • Trust in a strong framework for Security of your key data
How can I learn from the OnBoarding process in order to improve it in the future?

Smart OnBoarding provides Analytics and Reporting, giving great oversight of the OnBoarding process and the ability to drill down into the data. An Audit Trail for historic reporting gives the ability to comply with any requests for data or any review of past OnBoarding efforts.

  • Identify any weaknesses or areas for improvement in the OnBoarding process
  • Gain valuable feedback from New Hires throughout the OnBoarding process

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