Obvious OnBoarding

Your company relies heavily on paper based processes, the posting of these documents and manual review that takes staff time and administration, during the OnBoarding process.

Electronic OnBoarding is an ‘obvious’ choice in helping to solve this problem in the context of hiring a new Employee. Why ‘obvious?’

Irrespective of whether you buy a solution from SmartOnBoarding or not an OnBoarding solution that:

  • Removes paper based processes – is an obvious solution
  • Reduces delays in the mail through an electronic portal – is an obvious solution
  • Saves administration time and cost by getting complete and compliant forms filling from the new hire in an electronic format – is an obvious solution.
  • Save on paper and reduce our carbon footprint through a digital solution – is a very obvious solution!

What isn’t so obvious is what to do with the extra available time that your own staff have once your OnBoarding process is streamlined. This time grows of course the more people you OnBoard, and thus more time you will have available.

In a time where headcounts have not been increased these efficiency gains can go a long way to helping fill the need for resources where a new staff member cannot be justified.

So the question is what you can do with the extra time available to your staff? Maybe not such an obvious answer…

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