How the Cloud is helping to deliver a new Breed of Solution

If there is one misconception with the cloud, it is that it is simply a new distribution method for the Applications we already know and use. However, the Cloud presents new opportunities that exceed expectations of what we can get from these Applications.

One of the great things about the Cloud is that you are outsourcing the management of the Application, more than just giving it to a company to host the Application on a server. The management of the Application means that patches can be deployed by the vendor as you would expect. But it is more than this, how often do projects fail where Systems and Applications need to be integrated, and you the customer are left to try and connect the pieces. Or maybe those difficult upgrades of the Application where nothing seems to go as the manual is telling you it should.

The Cloud presents a better opportunity because the vendor builds and manages the Application, therefore having a great understanding of how it works. As a car manufacturer why should you specialize in managing Applications when there are Organizations who can do this for you? At SmartERP you are unlikely to find anyone building cars by return.

A vendor’s skillset and development talent should also mean that integrating the Cloud Application with your other Applications should be a process that is supported, not left to guesswork.

At SmartERP for example we have gone to great lengths to integrate our OnBoarding solution with the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system, in addition to the major HR Applications.

When you consider the pros and cons of the Cloud, take into account the vested interest that the Vendors have in the long term relationship. Put simply it is crucial to a Cloud provider to keep you the customer happy every month of every year you are paying the subscription fees.

To this end consider how your Cloud provider can be an integral part of your Organization – how they can help make the Application they provide an integral part of your infrastructure and processes. All of this without a step into your offices!

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