Smart Onboarding can be deployed on premise (as a fully operational appliance) or through the cloud, offering the power and flexibility to suit your requirements. The on-premise deployment delivers everything that you get with the cloud deployment, with an easy to install process and designed with high availability in mind.

Smart Onboarding has been designed to scale no matter on its type of deployment, whether you onboard 1, or 1,000,000 employees. Both deployment methods have no restriction on the type of device that is used to access the application, so your users can utilize their own devices or your devices without restriction.

Both types of deployment are subject to the same pricing and subscription method, with no software purchase required. Both deployments are provided with a wide range of flexible configuration and training to get your onboarding program live as quickly as possible.

Cloud Deployment


  • Easy configuration and setup
  • No Software to install
  • Upgrades deployed automatically
  • Built on a secure architecture and subject to penetration tests and audits
  • Rapid scalability and provisioning of new services
  • Access to your Data is available without restriction

On Premise deployment


  • Easy to install, configure and setup
  • Software installed in your environment to take advantage of your infrastructure
  • Upgrades provided and deployed at your pace
  • Built on a secure architecture and deployed behind your Firewalls and Security layers
  • Provision as you require, taking advantage of your Infrastructure.
  • Access to your Data is available without restriction
    and can be incorporated into your backup and archiving policies

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